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Never miss a movie release again

Audiences are actively reminded of their preferred movie releases. Never again miss a movie, you want to see in cinema. Our goal: Increase admissions and box office.

With TrailerApp

we provide a useful tool for all audiences to enhance the cinema experience.

Cinema visitors are actively reminded of their preferred movie releases „Never miss a movie again, you want to see in cinema.“

Our goal:

Increase overall admissions.

Our service TrailerAnalysis provides industry players with important insights into consumer behavior in order to support operational planning and sales forecast as well as to optimize theatrical marketing campaigns.


Does this sound familiar to you? You are at the cinema and there are about seven trailers before the actual movie starts. Some trailers pack you right in and you would like to see the movie once it’s released. But as soon as you leave the cinema you forgot the trailers and movie titles. TrailerApp is the solution:

Push it:

Immediately after the cinema visit TrailerApp sends a push message to the visitor with a list of all the trailers shown in front of the main movie.

Save it:

Bookmarked trailers are automatically saved to the „personal favorite list“

Check it:

Simply bookmark the trailers with a touch - done

See it:

Once ticket-sales for the preferred movies start, the user gets a push-message, informing about the theatrical release including a direct-link to the online-ticket shop of the preferred cinema

Trailer Analysis

Movie trailers are the main source of information for audiences when deciding their next cinema visit.

The interaction of audiences with TrailerApp gives us valuable information about the entertainment preferences, like i.e.: Movies actually seen in a cinema, trailers seen in a cinema, bookmarked „favorite trailers“, „rating“ and „sharing“ of trailers.

The data quality is exceptional: Based on the Beacon technology audiences are detected within the cinema hall. Thus all data is based on „real“ audiences who give their feedback live to TrailerApp.

We offer industry participants customized data analysis on a weekly basis. Contact us for more information.

All data is anonymized, aggregated and analyzed. All personal data is stored exclusively anonymized*. The data is stored on the safest servers in Germany and is not shared with third parties.

*anonymized means that names, addresses, mail, phone number and any other personal data made unrecognizable and can not be used any further.

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Katja Struwe

Katja Struwe has over 20 years of professional experience in responsible positions in both the film industry and the branded goods industry.

She has been working as a management consultant in the film industry for producers and distributors as well as for leading cinema chains. Prior to that she worked for Warner Bros. Entertainment GmbH for eight years, most recently as Executive Director Marketing, being responsible for the overall marketing of the „New Releases“ for Theatrical, Home Entertainment and Games. Prior to joining Warner Bros. she worked for BMW Motorsport, Ubisoft Entertainment GmbH, europlay toys GmbH, and Gardena and L'Oréal.

Shareholder and CEO

Christoph Liedke

Christoph Liedke is a senior executive with extensive experience in the local and international cinema and home entertainment business.

He started his career at Warner Bros. about 30 years ago with different positions in marketing and distribution and had a major role in the market leadership, the huge economic success and the overall growth of Warner Bros. Germany, Austria and Switzerland.

He was substantially involved in the release of many international and German movie franchises (such as Lord of the Rings 1-3, Harry Potter 17-B, Hangover 1-3, Dark Knight 1.3, Keinohrhasen, Kokowääh). Because of his previous positions as an editor and editor-in-chief he also has journalistic experience. Since May 2015 Christoph Liedke is Managing Director Theatrical and Home Entertainment at Wild Bunch Germany, a subsidiary of Wildbunch AG.

Shareholder and strategic consulting